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A Prescription For Parelli - available on iTunes, Nook, Kindle & PDF

Learn how to use Parelli games to help your horse overcome physical challenges - Available on iTunes, Nook, Kindle & PDF

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Lisa and Tex 2008Parelli Natural Horsemanship Students

As a fellow Parelli Natural Horsemanship student, I understand the challenges that are presented by this unique and wonderful program.  I created this website in the tradition of the Savvy Club, in order to provide the students of Licensed 4-Star Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor Christi Rains with a tool that they could take home with them from their horsemanship camps.  

I have always been inspired and motivated when my monthly Savvy Club DVD or magazine arrives in the mail.  It is my hope that once the student has returned home from their learning experience with Christi, that they not have to worry about all the things they may have forgotten.  As well, we all have had experiences where something didn't seem applicable to our situation at the time, but later on down the road became very pertinent.  We never know what side of the stall our horses might wake up on any given day, as they are unique and complex individuals just as we are.  I hope that by providing this video experience of each camp, along with candid photos of students with their equine partners learning together, the student will get to take home a little bit of that camp atmosphere and companionship to keep them going until the next camp.  

PNH is a great program, and I am proud to be able to help other fellow PNHers.  

I'm also offering private taping services for those that need their Parelli Levels Auditions taped and transferred to either DVD or YouTube for their assessments.  You can find out more about this service on my Price Sheet page.  I travel all over the North/Central Texas area, with my main area of focus being the Stephenville, Hico, Granbury and Glen Rose areas.  So if you are a Parelli student in Texas, please feel free to give me a call and talk about how some of the services can help you on your Parelli journey.  

Check out my new blog series "A Prescription For Parelli" where I teach you how to use exercises and games taught within the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program in a therapeutic way.  We address issues like how to help your horse with lead changes, braciness, improving both vertical and lateral flexion, freeing up the shoulders and pelvis, all by using different games to help mobilize different parts of your horse's body.  Help your horse become more balanced and athletic and have fun developing a great relationship at the same time!

For information about this website, e-mail Lisa Carter at or call 254-485-6937.  

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